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Teaching may not be financially rewarding. But my work gives me a lot of worthwhile experiences.

PERYA (fair crowd) excited na ako sumakay sa Carousel. #firsttime #september

Basketball game between STI College Naga (the school where I am working) and Ateneo de Naga (my alma mater). #torn (at Jesse M. Robredo Coliseum)

Meet Simba, the four-month old Chaochao. #doglover (at STI College Naga)

Powder drink.

Works of my mentorship class yesterday when I asked them this question:

If STI would be a person or a student, how are you going to clothe him/her?

Based on their work of arts, description and explanation an STIer should be: professional, a good leader, a reliable & responsible individual to his/her community, loyal and must be fully-equipped with knowledge.

For them these are the traits of an ideal STIer. #mentorship #perksofbeingateacher #sticollege (at STI College Naga)

BSHRM 1A Mentorship Class. #sticollege #perksofbeingateacher (at STI College Naga)

31st STI Anniversary Shirt. #sti #sticollege (at STI College Naga)